During his campaign to become president, Donald Trump made several promises related to the firearms, including protecting the Second Amendment and doing away with gun-free zones at schools and military bases. Now that he is in the White House, what does he plan actually to do about gun control? Will he carry out his promises?

Gun Control in America

President Trump on Gun ControlOverturning Obama’s Mental Health-Related Provision

In just the first few months of taking office, Donald Trump has repealed the Obama administration gun regulation that prevents certain individuals with mental health conditions from purchasing guns. Obama’s administration had made that stipulation under the assumption that some Social Security recipients may endanger themselves or those around them. For a person in favor of firearms, this repeal is a big step.

President Trump on Gun-Free Zones 

During his campaign, Trump had promised to remove gun-free zones and approve of handguns in schools. His reasoning given was that it was a “national right to carry” conceal weapons and so it should be lawful. He also selected Neil Gorsuch as a new pro-Second Amendment justice to the Supreme Court; the National Rifle Association (NRA) backs Gorsuch.

More about President Trump and Firearms

Interestingly, the NRA gave Donald Trump $30 million to his electoral win. Now the Association is likely looking for a return on its investment. They could push for bolder gun laws that up gun ownership across American, which would improve the gun industry. After all, the NRA exists to further the interests of manufacturers of firearms.

Unfortunately, the Trump administration has also singled out people based on race and religion, which is likely to increase the risk of targeted gun violence. Immigrants are likely targets, with immigration and civil rights being closer linked to weapons than ever. For gun safety advocates, their work is cut out for them, given the current stance of President Trump on gun control.