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White Crosses Hung From a Billboard Advertising a Gun Show

 Posted on a billboard located in Louisville, Kentucky, is an illustration of a man holding two guns. The billboard states, 'National gun day gun show,' which is an advertisement for the Kentucky Exposition Center gun show. Hanging from the billboard that is advertising the gun show, are seventeen white crosses with the seventeen names and ages of the students who were just murdered at the recent 'Marjory Stoneman High School' massacre in Florida.

It is still not clear as to who hung the white crosses from the billboard that quickly catches everyone's attention when driving by. A spokeswoman for the company who owns the billboard told the Courier Journal Newspaper outlet that the white crosses would be taken down over "the next few hours."

A central issue not only with the high school students of Marjory Stoneman and other vicinity high schools in Florida, but high school students nationwide, is gun control laws. Students are demanding that Capitol Hill take immediate action for the prevention of any future shootings in America. Students have rallied together on social media as well and they have planned a 'March for Our Lives' assembly later this month in Washington, D.C., to protest gun violence and the current national gun laws.

The White House is preparing to make an announcement to increase school safety in the near future, with President Trump having discussions with lawmakers in regards to the varying steps that are on the table to address this important issue for America's schoolchildren.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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