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Jesus Statue Returned, Stolen 90 Years Prior

A baby Jesus statue that was stolen ninety years ago from Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken, New Jersey, will be used in their church's nativity scene this coming Christmas. The Reverend Alex Santora stated that a suspicious parcel was delivered to their place of worship without a return address.

Thereafter, the reverend called the shipping company to try to determine the origin. However, he was without success in finding who the sender was but was only able to conclude that the package was sent from Crystal Springs, Florida.

At this point, Reverend Santora called the local police department about the postal package. After a careful inspection, the authorities then determined that the package was safe to open. Much to the church's surprise, when it was opened, it revealed the statue of Jesus with an attached note and date on it of January 2nd, 2018.

The note detailed the story behind the baby Jesus statue, and that the sender's grandfather had received it in the 1930's. The note elaborated that the Jesus statue was stolen from the church's outdoor nativity display in the 1930's. The sender of the letter also detailed, "It came into my mother's father's possession somehow, and I don't know why he didn't return it. Instead, he gave it to my mother after she was married and she too kept it until her passing when it came to me. Knowing the story, I felt it should be returned to the rightful owner and you will find it enclosed."

Reverend Santora stated that he was completely unaware of the statue's existence let alone that it had been stolen before it arrived that day. He added, "It is encouraging to see people do what is right even after decades."

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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