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Giuliani to Replace Sessions?

Rudy Giuliani, shown here with President Trump in September 2016, is joining his legal team. (Reuters)

Just over the past few days there have been more than just rumors circulating of Rudolf Giuliani becoming the Attorney General of the United States. Insider reports from within the White House amongst others are stating that Giuliani having just joined Trump's legal defense team is a forerunner to Sessions being fired and Giuliani replacing him as Attorney General.

66 days before the inauguration, Giuliani stated on CNN's 'New Day' pertaining to the Attorney General position, "there's probably nobody that knows the Justice Department better than me." The former mayor of New York City had been strongly considered for a number of positions within the Trump administration including Attorney General during the presidential transition period. 

In With the New

Jeff Sessions originally nominated Donald J. Trump for president, and Trump then appointed Sessions as the Attorney General. Sessions thereafter recused himself from an FBI investigation into possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the government of Russia. The commander in chief has voiced being less than happy over the stance of Sessions to recuse himself, and has repeatedly been publicly livid on social media of his displeasure.

A chain reaction of events has been happening that never seems to stop pertaining to Sessions rescuing himself from the investigation…all of which have not been good for the Trump Administration. Trump insiders are wondering how much regret that the president truly might have in hiring Sessions instead of Giuliani. This includes in reflection to when the former mayor told CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo back in 2016 pertaining to the Attorney General position, "I certainly have the energy for it."

Part of the disaster for Trump in having Sessions as Attorney General was that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was then in position to sign off on an FBI warrant for the approval to raid varying premises of Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen. The FBI stated that they were looking into possible illegal activities of Cohen pertaining to a payoff of an alleged affair between Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels. But independent sources state that much more is now involved, including seeking evidence of Russian collusion, with the legalities of this considered suspect. 

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill have been crying foul all along, suggesting that Trump had wanted Sessions to handle the Russian collusion investigation to bury any possible evidence. Other varying sources state that the president simply doesn't want a political witch hunt, with Trump in the past vocal that he was counting on Sessions to divert any attempts at this. 

Rumors, Memos, and More

President Trump has been under fire from FBI directors Comey and now Mueller since he took office pertaining to a number of issues, primarily alleged Russian collusion in the elections. Mark Levin, a Fox News host being interviewed on the Hannity show…recently stated that Comey memos that were just released to the president of the United States incriminate Comey, and not Trump. Levin also suggested that Rosenstein signed improper warrants in the raid on Cohen. Hannity listened quietly as Levin passionately elaborated, "39 pages of memos from Comey…A memorandum written by the Department of Justice in 1973 states that a sitting president cannot be indicted, as it would compromise the capacity of the president of the United States in his constitutional assigned functions. Unless Sessions had rejected this law, what are they doing?"

Hannity replied, "it seems that they are trying to set up impeachment process."

Trump and Giuliani are longtime friends and allies. Just this past April 19th, the former mayor agreed to join Trump's legal team in an attempt to promptly resolve the special council inquiry into Russian election intrusion and possible ties to Trump connections. Giuliani's current primary focus is to bring FBI director Mueller's investigation to an end.

In the past, Trump has repeatedly offered the Attorney General position to Giuliani. Unconfirmed sources as well as others close to the president believe that this latest maneuvering of events will lead Trump to fire Sessions and hire the former mayor as Attorney General. 

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