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Air Force Col. John Teichert Attacked for Religious Beliefs

Religion and Politics

One thing that is true on both the right and the left is that there are those who are religious and those who are not. However, one trend that happens all the time in the USA is that it is commonly the leftist groups that attack the faithful whenever they get the chance.

Earlier this month it came out that Air Force Col. John Teichert was being attacked by a far left "watch-dog" group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Was it because he had taken part in sexual misconduct like leftist Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken or the long list we are all familiar with? Did he ask to start a war we didn't need to really be in like so many on the left have done with Russia and Syria and many other countries? No, he had done none of those things.

What did he do? He prayed. Yep, that is all. Teichert practices his faith by openly and actively praying for others. He visits hospitals and other places to pray for those who he is told need it. What is the harm in that? Well, according to Mikey Weinstein, foundation founder of TMRFF it apparently makes Teichert an evil man. One of the reasons that Weinstein is so upset is because Teichert has a website called "Prayer at Lunchtime for the United States". The horror! A military man openly taking part in the free speech that he fights for? How could this be? Weinstein had to do something!

Weinstein decided he would be "brave" and call for the arrest of Teichert and even demanded that Defense Secretary James Mattis launch an investigation into Teichert. He called him a "Fundamentalist Christian tyrant and religious extremist predator". Seems pretty sane right?

Why is Teichert being attacked?

According to TMRFF, they represent 41 folks at Edwards Air Force Base who are apparently upset and offended by the general and his personal website. At a glance Teichert's website is nothing more than a collection of bible verses and uplifting thought. But according to Weinstein "General Teichert should be doing time behind prison bars, not commanding a Wing wearing General's stars".

As one would figure, the Pentagon has decided not to even bother with a response to Weinstein's complaint, they seem to have bigger more important things to be doing rather than entertaining a nutcase. Mike Berry of the Liberty Institute also stated that "The Air Force appears to be doing exactly what it should upon receiving a complaint from Mikey Weinstein: ignoring him".

Although they are not representing Teichert, First Liberty Institute is a leading law firm who handle religious liberty cases.

Weisnstein once bragged that he had a hot line to the Pentagon when Obama was in charge. Weinstein and his silly group appear to have had their line cut under Trump - it should remain that way. 

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Monday, 27 January 2020

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